Get the Work You Want

When recruiters call, are you ready?

Make sure you’re recruitable with RecruitableCPS

If you’re new to the job market, or it’s been a while since you were looking, you may not realize that job search help is available. In fact, there’s a whole class of people – recruiters – whose job it is to find you work. They get paid if you get hired. And they are always looking for candidates for the many, many positions they’re trying to fill. Problem is, many job seekers don’t understand how best to work with recruiters. They don’t even understand what recruiters do. And so, a lot of people out looking are left feeling alone and confused… when they could get help, if they knew how to ask for it.

How Can RecruitableCPS Help You?

A simple app guides you in crafting a message to recruiters that gives them exactly the info they need about you. With the right details, they can more easily match you to the positions that work best for you – or let you know how you may want to change your strategy, if you’re targeting the wrong kinds of positions.

Connect Well From the Start

Make that first contact easier by cutting to the chase.

One Message for All

Get a consistent message out to everyone who contacts you.

Check the Pulse

Find out quickly if you’re targeting the right opportunities.

Work… that Works

In the 30+ years that I’ve been an intermittent job seeker, I’ve talked with hundreds of recruiters… with mixed results. The times I connected with the right jobs, were the times my contacts had exactly the right info about me. And the times when they sent me bad options, were when they just didn’t know enough about me up front. RecruitableCPS – and the training we offer – helps you craft the right message for every recruiter who reaches out to you. So you both save time, energy, and a whole lot of hassle and heartbreak.

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