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many hands shakingYour Career Services Department is committed to helping every student make the most of their education with you. But are you doing enough?

Students (and their parents) invest considerable time, money, and energy in their education, and they expect a proportionate return on that investment.

While many Career Services organizations provide guidance on picking a career, crafting a fit-for-purpose resume, perfecting interview skills, and connecting with job opportunities, one step in the process typically goes unaddressed: the efficient transfer of the correct candidate information to recruiters / hiring managers.

A student is at a pronounced disadvantage, if they don’t understand:

  • What position they’re seeking
  • What type of job they want (permanent or contract)
  • What pay range they’re seeking
  • Where they want to work – or don’t want to work
  • When they can interview
  • When they can start

What’s more, if they can’t articulate all of the above, plus

  • How they can be contacted
  • Where to find their resume

it makes the job of recruiters and hiring managers harder than it needs to be. And it needlessly extends the process of connecting students with the right people who can connect them with the right opportunities.

But now Career Services Departments can get the upper hand on this problem.

Simply embed a link to Recruitable on your Career Services web page, and you’ll give your students free access to a powerful tool that not only guides them through the thought process of getting them “recruit ready”, but also saves their messaging for consistent and convenient recruiter communications.

Recruitable was designed and built by a seasoned technologist with 30+ years of continuous employment. Hundreds of conversations with recruiters all across the country (and the globe) informed the criteria for this powerful application. Both successful interactions and lessons learned from failures have made it what it was, and it’s currently in daily use in real-world recruiting interactions.

And you can leverage all that experience — gratis — on your own Career Services web pages.  Simply link to us at with this code:

<a href="" target="rcps"><strong>Get Recruitable!</strong> with an app that crafts your personal message to hiring pros.</a>

If you’d like to drop us a line at and let us know you’ve included us on your site, we’d appreciate it!

To your success!

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