HI-5 System In a Nutshell

What does it take get a HI-5 system in place?

It’s not hard…

  1. Identify the personal email address you’ll be using
  2. Create your dedicated job search email address
    • Setup your autoresponder (this must be available)
    • Setup your email forwarding (this should be available)
  3. Collect your candidate materials, all in MS Word format
    • Resume(s) – brief and extended versions, or just one version
    • Cover letter
    • References
    • Other materials, such as your portfolio (link or hard copy)
  4. Host your resume and other candidate materials
  5. Define the message you want to communicate to recruiters, indicating:
    • Are you employed?
    • Where are you working?
    • How long have you been in the role?
    • Are you available for a new position?
    • Are you looking for contract or permanent work?
    • When could you start?
    • And so forth
  6. Update your message file and autoresponder with the links
  7. Test Your HI-5 System
  8. Activate Your HI-5 System

Of course you’ll need to put them all together in order. If you need help figuring it out, check out the course HI-5 the Headhunters