HI-5 the Headhunters

Build a Headhunter Interceptor with 5 Free Tools You Already Know How To Use

Once upon a time, if you were looking for a job, you reached out to recruiters, sent them your resume, and they reached out to you to get to know you before matching you with a job.

No more.

Today, recruiting has been heavily automated, and job applicant profiles and opportunity details are stored and shared via massive databases shared by multiple recruiting agencies and many Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSes).

That means you’re contacted repeatedly by headhunters who:

  • don’t know you, your skills, or your interests
  • may not fully understand the job they’re seeking to fill
  • operate on scale, sending tens and hundreds of job opportunities out with the click of a few buttons
  • may or may not have jobs that fit you
  • may or may not be valuable contacts to have in the future

Recruiting is automated, so your response should be, too!

Our HI-5 System is a custom mash-up of 5 different technologies you already know how to use. You might even use them every day!

By leveraging the unique strengths of each, you can offload the burden of responding to recruiters with an automated process.

That way, you can be certain that they’re getting your correct contact information, in case they ever have an opportunity that actually fits your interests and needs.

This hands-on workshop (online via Zoom) walks you through the setup of your own HI-5 system in less than an hour. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a simple way to never have to field cold recruiter contacts – unless you want to.

Take the course today!


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