Got a group of folks who could use some help understanding how to work with recruiters? Have a class of students nearing graduation, who seem at a loss for how to get the work they want? I’m available to facilitate interactive discussions and answer questions based on over 30 years of experience successfully finding the kinds of jobs I wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I cover?

Who recruiters are and how they can help. Dos and don’ts of engaging with placement professionals. How to strategize around start dates, compensation, travel, and choice of company (size and industry)… and much more.

can i guarantee results?

Yes and no. I can guarantee that I’ll share information that has worked for me, time and time again. I can guarantee that I’ll answer all questions to the best of my ability. And I can guarantee that the audience’s education is my top priority. But each person is responsible for their own success. I’ll bring the tools, but they will need to put them to good use.

Whom do i help?

Brand new job seekers… experienced workers looking to make a change… parents of kids who can’t seem to get their lives in gear… as well as educators who may not understand the finer points of real-world job searching.

How long are workshops?

I offer a variety of topics, including:

  • Introduction to recruiters
  • How to automate dealing with headhunters
  • The 7 questions every recruiter asks – and needs to know, to find you the right job

Ask me about other topics that matter to your group, for a customized presentation specialized for you.

Free Consultation

Let’s talk about what you need – and when.

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